I made a subreddit specifically for posting Bytes (Bytes With Byte Energy)

Hey, I know nothing about starting subreddits, other than that the offical Byte subreddit sort of sucks. I thought that what would make Byte work on social media is if it’s focused on audience-based content, instead of creator-based content. Like, you make the subreddit about creators, and it’s all self-promotion.

You make it about sharing videos people like, and I think that’s a way a community can grow.

Anyways, so I just started it and if anyone else on here are Redditors I - uh - would really love some help.

I stole the rules from r/SquaredCircle.



Old Reddit? and I’m not familiar with reddit

Topic I think should be under #promote-yourself `


Oh, Old Reddit is just a dumb formatting thing.

I didn’t really know what the best forum to post this in.