I made a Social Media app, it's just lowkey rn. Looking for mods

Hey everyone, I love Byte, have been on it since January. I mostly just try to spread positivity there.

I made a social media app called Spark:

iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/spark-simply-social-media/id1524747602
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jdleo.spark

It’s very simple, and stripped-down right now. I made it in a way, I can easily extend features that y’all want on the app. I want to build it with this community, and ultimately it would be cool if it was like a text-post companion to Byte.

You start of with 300 “sparks” and it costs 2 “sparks” to follow anybody, and 1 “spark” to like any post. This is by design, so that it makes interactions meaningful (will also prevent mass following and mindless liking as well). You will GET sparks when people follow you and like your posts too.

I am looking for moderators. You will have powers to ban people, and stuff. Right now it’s just banning, but I’ll give you a heart badge which means you’re on team spark. I want to recruit from this community specifically because I feel like ya’ll have pretty good moral compass.

Some hidden things:

  • use byte:username in posts or profile bios to link to your Byte account (Byte is the only app I did this functionality with :wink: )
  • make a post with #BLM to get the blm badge on ur profile
  • make a post with #LGBT to get the LGBT badge on ur profile

Technical info:
The entire app is written in React Native / Javascript and is about 3k lines of code. It took me 8 days to code. I use Google Cloud for backend and everything is pure Typescript for my cloud functions that manage everything from push notifications, to spark balances, to managing follower feeds, etc.

pinging @dom because I’m a fanboy


When someone creates an account, you should say on the app that an email has been sent :wink:

Fixed it, and also pre-filled email/password so that the user doesn’t have to type it in again after registering.

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bump :slight_smile:

I signed up. I’ve been playing with React.js all week so this seemed interesting. Catch me @tinypebble

It sounds very interesting!