I’m sure they’ve already decided this but

Content length? :thinking:

  • 6 seconds
  • Keep it under a minute
  • Some limit in-between 1 & infinity
  • Free to execute your artistic vision (any)

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Not that this poll will have any weight but I’m just curious where our sample forum audience stands!


6 seconds is what made vine what it was and why we were all hyped to sign up for community forums. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


Fair point, the thought’s also interesting though if v2 is going to be more of a vine follow up or finding a new niche we didn’t know we needed?

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I think he posted a pic on Twitter



So I’m guessing it’s going to stay less than 6.5


Dom said in one of his posts on here that videos will be around 6 seconds


I love it, super excited for this! Thanks for the callback

Of course, no problem!

I honestly hope that there are options for content length, like 6 seconds, 30 seconds, and so forth. I also think it would be really awesome if we as users would be able to sort through content that way.

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I think that could be cool. Maybe there could be categories of length. So based on your post, it would fall into either 6 second, 30-second, or 60-second (or whatever lengths they agree on). This would also give us the freedom to watch only short ones if we want.

I don’t like change and a big baby when it comes to it so i’m hoping for 6-12 seconds but anything would be cool


V2. Should have 2 second videos.

Just joking, I think it should stick with the 6. I think other ones like Musical.ly have already transformed into, basically, Vine with slightly longer videos and even to people that didn’t use Vine (like me, for example) it was known as the ‘6-second video app’ so it makes sense to me to keep that distinctive aspect of it for the resurrection.

I also think that 6 seconds and less made Vine different and fun, but I also think there should be an option for longer videos. Not really long but long enough to create/tell a story. Maybe 5 minutes and under for a storytelling section.

Definitely 6 seconds, I found it so much more challenging and harder to edit 6 second vines as a pose to the full minute on Insta.

It made editing so much more fun and a challenge to loop something or make it funny in 6 seconds.

Damn I miss vine lol



Ok, unpopular, but one of the reasons Vine got shut down was because the video length was too short, 6 seconds is good, but it didn’t leave much room for people to improve videos. If we keep it the same V2 will eventually lose popularity and shut down just like the original. I think there should be an options to chose how long you want your specific video to be, make the best of both worlds people

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But that’s why there’s other platforms to do those stuff on. Vines just that taste of cocaine that gets you a little rush; not a full line. (Weird analogy)

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Do you guys think if an account has a large fan base and is verified that they can be granted longer video lengths? Like before? I’m unsure how I feel about it myself.

Forget the minimum

If it’s six seconds. People that play instruments and sing(like my friend) won’t be able to post a decent lengthen video to show his talent

Yesss please