I’m still sad

i Just saw the pictures of how the app will look. And knowing I never signed up for nothing makes me mad. Also I’ve heard they might let people invite friends while on the beta. Please invite me lol


Same situation here


It’s alright, spring isn’t that far!

Can’t say anything about beta invites but we can hope!


there will likely be future beta sign ups, so keep on the lookout!


Don’t feel bad!

I’ve been here for so long and hesitated to sign up for the creator program for silly reasons lol. and besides, you can still sign up right here!


If it’s possible to invite people, I’ll do it @3_Mexican_chillis Promise.


So far there have been a total of three beta signups. Two of them were held on the forums, and one was held on the @byte_app twitter page. The first two phases of beta testing will consist of these three signups. However, don’t fret as it has been confirmed that there will additional beta signups in the nearby future and possibly along with more beta testing phases.

As for beta testers having the ability to invite friends onto the beta, this has only been hinted at by Dom and isn’t 100% confirmed. Cami stated that it is TBD.

In conclusion, just make sure that you are always active here on the forums and check in daily so that you don’t unknowingly miss any more beta signup opportunities.


Definitely don’t be sad. We all want in on this app and sooner or later, everyone who wants an account is going to get one. Just look at the bright side and be happy that it’s going to get released soon and that at least someone out there is going to get beta so they can report back to us how the app is (I’m sure the review will be great). Anyway, don’t be sad that it isn’t here yet, be happy that the app is on its way!! :blush::call_me_hand:


Thank you

Same here