I’m once again asking: what’s big on byte?

About 6 months ago, I posted a forum polling the community on what they thought was big on byte. Well, a lot has changed.
What does everyone think is big now?
Less follower count, but that to I guess.
More an individual video. Is 1K still big, or has the bar raised? Do we feel 500 is big?
Not supposed to really be a “stats are the most important thing”, just like last time, am just curious what other people think.

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Well as far as I know bigpants is still top dog with 18k BUT I see people in this new TikTok flood getting 5k a day so unfortunately (cause hes awesome) I see that seat being taken pretty soon. Hard to say with numbers skyrocketing for new genz users. No clue what their ceiling is. They don’t seem to like the typical byte sketch comedy though so I assume OGs aren’t gonna skyrocket with them.

Edit: Sorry I skimmed your post. Same goes for likes too I suppose though.

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Nina had 20k followers months ago, so, I imagine she has lots more now. And Chris Melberger had over 30k followers a while ago, too. I imagine Kevin Saxby has a huge following by now, too.

But really, just follow the creators you like. That’s one of the nice things about Byte not displaying follower counts, you can base your decision to follow on their content, not their clout.


Zach King has over 20,000, he said so in a podcast he was on I think with Logan Paul of all people, not long after the app had been released. So it probably would have been a February interview.

Woah damn. I’m out of touch lol. Hard to know without follower counts. @TomWhois right though, that’s probably a good thing.