I’m having trouble charging my bytes again

(I don’t know if this is considered a Bug)
So basically, I’m from Argentina byte is not available here yet. But bytes doesn’t charge that just load and load and load. I was so happy months ago because I could see bytes well. But now I can’t and it’s not my network connection because YouTube charges so fast, I don’t know what to do

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I have the same problem! Bytes take soo long to load even when other apps work perfectly fine (I’m from Canada)


Glad to know im not the only one! And it also let me post with no problem but it doesnt let me see others bytes

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byte is being hammered right now.

They went from not listed to #4 on social networking in the US, and they just released byte in India.

Dom and the team are backfilling with more AWS support, so it should be getting better though.

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But I had this problem since before the whole TikTok drama. The only time it was loading normally was during the early early beta days

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Same from me! I don’t know if it has something to do, with the fact that I don’t have it in the AppStore, but it’s really slow for me

you can opt for lower resolution for bytes in settings. which can be useful if u have lower data speeds

settings>video quality