I’m have a little trouble

Hey so I have had this app for about a day now and I don’t fully understand it could someone tell me the basics please.

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this will help


Thank you :pray:t2:


You have up to 16 seconds to make a video about anything you want. You can use the app to record or you can upload a video you have recorded or made with another app. Add music, edit, whatever. We encourage creativity and expression.


A lot of us use outside video editors…you can find a bunch of free ones in the App Store.
I use Splice or Adobe Premier (if I edit the video at all)
Splice is an app, it is a paid one…so know that.

But I’m sure there are people here who have a litany of free apps you can download to edit! :blush:

I appreciate all the help

Also: within the app, you have some cool little things you can do while recording…just open the menu as depicted below:


I made two quick really basic tutorial videos for the app:

You may already know how to do those things, I may make a few more videos about other features.


Omg tha best videos on byte!

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Thanks! We take for granted how the app works because we’ve been using it for a year, but it’s a complete mystery to newbies. :smiley_cat: