I’m aware of The Chanel’s

To start I must say that the app has done a great job with creating the channels.
but I think there are too many and especially some are very dumb ones, for example Minecraft should be on the games channel and ariana grande and Nikki manaj should be on the artists or music channel, or this train and the kid with the police game also should be on the games/ Chanel.

what bothers me the most is that today they made a channel for a girl who barely made her account today. What did she do to achieve that?
There are to many people who have been working Hard on their videos and have put good quality to their videos since the beginning of the app, so that suddenly a girl comes out who had not done anything and becomes famous for having done a channel.
I respect the videos she makes but I don’t think it’s fair for other content creators, who have been in the app for a long time and above all that they have put quality to their videos and above all that they are people who need more support than this girl. It’s not fair in my opinion.
on the other hand I don’t know if it was an act of corruption.

on the other hand I am concerned that this this app may be affected by this type of things.

This is my opinion.


SHES MEGA FAMOUS, SHES MOOP :red_circle::lips::red_circle:

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idk who??

I think you should take it more seriously and read what I’m saying.

i did, and i responded to what you said lol

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The Chanel’s


Moop is kinda y’know. BIG so ofc she has her own channel. I understand that it can be frustrating for some of the OG byters but having someone as big as Ms
:red_circle::lips::red_circle: here will bring people in.

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Maybe someone here can enlighten us nonTT’ers who Moop is and why she is important to TikTok

Cause we’re all scratchin our heads over here


She’s just a fairly mysterious person who blew up over night.
Most of the time she seems to be drunk or high, and she can’t really dance.
She has 2 million followers because she appeals to gen z for one reason or another.

As far as I can tell, she’s got like. Tik tok era ke$ha vibes

That’s very meta

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our queen has arrived :red_circle::lips::red_circle:

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