I’m Aware Of Instagram Reels 😖

Wee need something new that replaces Tik Tok and Hopefully Byte App is the answer but I’m very Aware that Instagram Reels takes our place and I don’t wan’t to see this app dead like Vine.
We must make an Update today in my opinion.


is reels out already?

I don’t think so, and plus YouTube Shorts is coming out later this year so they’ll have that too


The App World War is Coming Soon.


I’m not very hopeful for Reels tbh.

Instagram went from a fun place to post cool pictures, into a cloud driven pay to play nightmare.

Case in point, I made a post last night, and it literally disappeared from my own feed. Usually my post would show in the feed. It showed for a second and then poof. Gone. Only way I could find it was looking at my profile. Meanwhile, I don’t see anything recent, but ads and posts from 2 or 3 days ago.

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ugh, i hope not. instagram is pretty boring and i don’t have much faith in whatever they come up with to replace tiktok. i doubt that tiktok will be banned in the states, but if it is, byte’s already a good replacement. besides, dom seems like a pretty great guy.


Instagram Reels be out to all users next wed


Well this should be fun :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

lmao whats the difference between instagram reels and instagram stories/ a regular post- SEEMS LIKE A FLOP TO ME! but I’m sure brands and businesses will be into it/ find a way to utilize it


that’s what i’m thinking :skull: i’m trying to figure out its unique selling point

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The appeal is not starting over. If you have an established follower base, you have more incentive to stick with the current.

For the BIG users, that’s enough.

For the smaller users?

I’ll try it, but I’ve seen how IG and FB have become.

You want analytics? You have to be a business or creator.

Oh you want people to actually see your posts?

That means you have to pay to play. If you don’t?
Oh sorry, you must be “shadow banned” :man_shrugging:

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Theres gonna be a “for you page” in the explore page its basically just going to be a tiktok clone inside Instagram

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lmao interesting. I personally don’t use the explore page but I wonder if more people will after the update

have to add 60 sec videos and be able to go live then get even more people joining byte to take on Instagram Reels

Well they already confirmed even longer videos. Going live though? I don’t think that’s happening this year but I’d love to be surprised.

YouTube/Google is also releasing their TikTok competitor called “Shorts.”

Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple have had their anti-trust hearings so I doubt that they are going to acquire TikTok if Microsoft fails in acquiring it from ByteDance.

So far its:
Microsoft’s TikTok(assuming they acquire it)
Facebook/Instagram Reels
Google/YouTube Shorts

and then Byte

May wanna take a look at this

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