I’ll say it again

If you want to support someone by following them that’s great but don’t get butt hurt when they don’t follow you back , only to unfollow them. That’s annoying. It was a thing a lot of users did when the app first launched as a way to “get over” it was trash then and it’s trash now. The app is still new you’ll get your chance so what you’re not getting the same amount of attention as the next person right now, more and more people will join and they’ll find you. One of my all time favorite creators maxed out at 797,853 followers on the predecessor platform forming a community of folk who simply enjoyed the content they made and never cared about “blowing up”. They were finding themselves and I think a lot of us are doing that too (I know I am). I’ll be honest, I would love to have an audience as big as theirs but that won’t come if you ask for it people aren’t going to gravitate to you if they can’t connect. Honestly what good is having a large audience if you can’t even connect with them? I’m not a comedian but I and a lot of other people are very relatable and if that’s not your cup of Joe that’s cool but (this is going somewhere I think) don’t get mad at other people for finding connections faster and making content you don’t enjoy. Move on keep looking there’s a lot of new faces on this app now. I’m blessed to have the following that I have now c:

[When the option to toggle follow counts is added I will continue to keep it hidden that will make it a lot more fun.]

You cannot make people like you but that doesn’t mean that no one will like you. c: