I’ll admit it. I’m open to expressing myself and gaining some fame from V2

I’ve been on the first vine app and it was lots of fun being creative (and funny to some) for six seconds. That might’ve been the first form of a challenge that I’ve enjoyed in a while. Not to mention that I had a sorta-good following, which some considered to be “mediocre”.

I’m doing this on Instagram, but the rush isn’t there. Like the kind of rush I had when I was on Vine. That rush drove me to making more Vines, and that led to the little bit of fame I gained… before Vine ended its streak.

Fast forward one year later, I find out that one of the creators of Vine, Dom, is returning with a new app called V2. As much as so many people, I’m excited!!! And later, I realized that this is another chance, a better chance, to become at least well-known to many and see where this will take me.

Am I wrong for thinking this way?


Not necessarily. Actors/actresses audition for movies to be involved in something great and to be recognised/known for their great work. Same concept with v2.


No, its totally fine. If you’re passionate about something then go ahead and do it. Fame, recognition and success will immediately follow you if you’re true to yourself and actually enjoy doing what you do. Fame isn’t always bad. But when it starts getting to your head, that’s when things go wrong. Stay grounded and enjoy what you’re doing. :smile:


No absolutely not and I think many on here also have the same aspiration and goal!!


No problem bro, we all have different objetives in V2. I can recommend you to paid publicity on Instagram or another social media, this is going to be more easy to be famous :wink:

Go for it. Some people just want the connections and the opportunity and motivation to create. Some want more. Both are fine. If you’re enjoying it, then there is no problem. :slight_smile:

Instagram is a good platform for photos but really it does not inspire the same feelings as Vine did. No way. Vine was special - very, very special.


damn fam, #Respect and yea totally go for it, id want to know more about ur experience on the old platform ima hit u up

just wondering how you got a following on the old vine


By using trending hashtags i guess

ok cheers