I like this girl but I don't know if she likes me what should i do?

Any recommendations out there?


Can you talk with her friends?

I talk to her once in a while but most of the time I say hi and bye

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I feel like she’s to pretty for me

But you know her friends? Maybe you can talk with her bestfriends and she can help you, in my country we say it “Gancho”

I know one or two of her friends

I’ll see

Great, you can watch some Youtube videos, they are so many talented people who know how our mind works and they can give you the best advices, A question, Your first language is the english?

If your asking be if my first language is English then yes I don’t speak any other languages I know basic Spanish but I don’t know alot I suck at spanish

Okay, Maybe you can understand, try to watch some videos of this guy

This man can make awesome things, his YouTube channel is fully focused to get a girlfriend, Your dreaming girlfriend :wink:

Thank you but I don’t know spanish

Honestly just shoot your shot, ask yourself, “whats the worst that could happen?” if she says no you know your answer

Talk to her, i fyou don’t talk she will never know

Drop some hints and see how she responds

Or maybe just go for it. You may regret it if u don’t :exclamation:

Best of luck :heart:

Thank you I didn’t think alot of people will answer

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Of course

Best of luck

Don’t Rush… be how u r normally if she also likes you then she will not get into relationship with others wait for that moment when she will also start showing the sign then if you think she will say yes to you go for it propose her like no one ever proposed to her
Be confident and be you

Just talk to her get to know her as a friend, if she’s interested you’ll know. But you gotta talk to her and be patient.

Act confident and say more then hi and bye

just say “senpai please notice me!”