I Like The Snapchat Update

I like having all my friends content on one side and all the other crap on the other.

So far, no one I’ve talked to had an actual reason they didn’t like like it, other than “it’s different” or “it sucks”

What specifically don’t you like about it?

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The change of place of stories, I want to know where the hell are the stories?

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They’re right there on your friends icons.

And they have the option to autoplay.

Simple! And good.

I know that way but i hate that way, There is no other section to watch them? Is that I have many friends in snp that’s why i hates the previous way to search

I did not use Snapchat anymore, but I’ve heard about the update and I installed it again and I deleted it right away. :sweat_smile: What a mess…

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personally, I just find it way less efficient. Usually with an update I am able to adapt or ‘suck it up’ but it’s been several weeks now and I’m still not used to it whatsoever.

I don’t mind the update but it’s very confusing where things are due to the new layout.