I just want to be V2 famous

I’m mad excited for V2 like you got no idea!! I can’t be the only one right?


Something tells me that no, you’re not the only one on the v2 forums that’s excited for v2 haha.


cant stress how much im excited for it too hehe

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I’m excited for it (like SUPER excited!) bit I don’t want to be “famous” or anything. if there are too many people that know me then they’d see all the stupid things I do. I just want some people to appreciate my content for what it is I guess.

I want to be famous, but doing it for fun is the main priority.


yes I’m super excited too!!

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That should not be your main goal in the app

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I feel you :expressionless: your not the only one

I’m definitely hyped up for it as well. I feel like as long as you take this seriously we can all make it because the app is so new