I just posted this and I've been having trouble being seen on the app, I'd love to hear any tips


if you want to be seen i recommend posting good content :))

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If it’s good, it will be seen. Also, interact, engage & support the community.


I got some turorials up on my byte channel if that helps? @Thededicatedartist

Well the first thing I’ll address is that getting noticed to move above the other latest content can be tough unless people know you. Actively go out and watch a ton of videos and like, follow, or comment. People will recognize your name.

The second thing I’d address is this is terrible. This has the pieces of good joke telling, but “I’ll jerk off to this” was a bad punchline from 2003 and the imagery makes it vomit inducing.

My tips would be go out and engage, delete this video, and try again. Make your dialogue less scripted and robotic, and know your audience.

A better way for this joke to go would’ve been something more like…

What’s the big fuss over this Taylor swift album.

You see toes.

It cuts back to you making some kind of staring face with a punchline like “oh… I think I get it now” or “I hope that doesn’t awaken something in me”

It’s a foot fetish joke without you immediately turning everyone against you.