I have created a news website, anyone wants to add your article of byte on it?

I have created a website, name as my MySavageNews if anyone wants to add a byte article of your own profile like a press release send me I will add it as it is coming on google news too. It will go on special category BYTE

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BROOOOOOO… :fire::fire: you’re on a new level! Looking for to see Byte articles on there

Site isn’t secured from my end :cry:

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Will make it by https

It’s awesome, a lot of cool stories! You have put some good work in that website, it can be seen. Did you do it all yourself, or you have had some help from some website developers? I would never be able to do anything like that, that’s why I had to hire developers for my website. I have tried doing it myself, but it was just not good enough, and I realized that I needed help. The Good thing is that these guys knew what to do with the info I gave them, and now everything is awesome.