I have a sign next to my computer that says "Don't argue with the internet" and it's changed my life

Like, someone says something obnoxious and I’m about to respond, I just look down at the sign and walk away. It’s nice to have an excuse or a sign to answer to.

I dunno if anyone else is Very Online like me, but I thought I’d share the tip.


I am Exceptionally Online and I wade into heated discussions on Twitter all the time

Depends on how you go about it. It can be very beneficial if you keep a cool head and have lots of empathy. Arguing online has been good practice to understand my own stances and to defend them, and also opens me up to differing perspectives with is potential for learning and growth

Also my meme game has drastically improved


Yeah, that’s the whole thing with the internet. I’ve been on message boards since I was 12. I think I’m really good at arguing online, building thesis and just writing in general and part of that was/is because I have practice of being Very Online - but then also the internet has a way of swallowing one’s personality and time.

And there’s another side of not letting bad-faith actors crowd out the conversation. Like, people act like assholes online because it’s in their interests to crowd out any voice that’s not the status quo, and so walking away sort of enables them. I guess, or something.

It’s a balance. But also, like I wrote this post after reading a comments section about Scotland giving out free tampons and a bunch of redditors having a hissy fit about it and I was about to respond, but for that particular situation…that law is already in place, so no amount of hot air from cranky strangers could knock it down. So I just walked away.

It also depends on where you do your arguing. Places like FB and Reddit can be absolute cesspools, at least Twitter I have a bit more control over where I go and when to pull the chute. Plus, no family members.


No family members on twitter is great because it lets me dunk on my moms all the time without them knowing.


Sometimes if you say please to your computer it works properly. :joy: had that happen before.


I need to get that as a tattoo lmao