I hate YouTube for this

That’s a video I posted on Christmas, I shouldn’t be getting 5 views on it every time, is it me? It makes me depressed, I do YouTube videos because I want to make myself happy and others happy, idk what this is, is it broken or something, it shouldn’t be like this, I have 60 subs.

Well, it might be due to Youtube’s algorithem, or your subs might not be getting your videos on their subscription page. Try using # on the title :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, I’ll try your advice. Thanks.

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to be honest you got to stick at it even if it doesnt work out at first, and also you need to keep in mind that not everybody grows, there just aren’t enough people for everybody to have viewers

if its not making you happy don’t do it, you should only be doing what makes you happy.

maybe try a different style of content, not sure what but you’re allowed to try different things!

all the best

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Welll, I’ve been doing this for…6 years? Yeah, sooo idk, but I need this because there’s nothing else I can do.

maybe it’ll be different when you’re on byte, im not sure

like i say it just doesn’t work out for everyone

what do you mean when you say you need this?


I want do this because it makes me happy. I also have a lot of Byte ideas so it’ll be great to fulfil all of them.

Soon i’ll have my own fans who support me, then I can manipulate them into buying my Jake Pa- I mean magical merch, then I can start a fire at a school to get more views HAHA and then I can KI- AHEM…ummm, yeah, entertain people…

(Lol, JK)

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well i hope byte works out if youtube doesn’t!

Both will.

Hopefully everything works out for you!

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Subscriber count doesnt result in views. Not all 60 subs will watch. Some people sub and forget, some don’t use youtube, and some (like family and friends) might just sub to support you but aren’t interested in the videos.

It’s very common on youtube, and the cycle will continue. If you get 1000 subs, you might have 500 views. That’s why I recommend not worrying about sub count and making sure your views are consistent.


I am not particularly successful on YouTube, I’m only doing marginally better than you view-wise, but I’ll give you what little advice I can offer:

  1. Instagram is better for finding new people (potential viewers and subscribers). Consider posting DAILY clips from your vlogs on Instagram. Link to your YouTube channel in the bio or on your stories. My sketches do way better on Instagram than they do on YouTube for some reason, and I’m trying to milk that with the intention of migrating to YouTube in the future.
  2. Your Christmas party video is almost 17 minutes long… That’s LONG. Most people won’t watch a vlog from someone they don’t know, let alone one that is that long. Maybe keep them to a shorter length and post more frequently?
  3. Milk what’s working. Your Byte video did pretty good! Maybe make more videos like that one?
  4. Engage with the community. Leave 20 comments a day on other YouTube videos in your niche. Don’t spam, don’t tell people to subscribe to you or check you out, that’ll just annoy them. Write thoughtful, genuine comments, answer people’s questions and spread karma. Every time you leave a comment, someone sees your name, which means they’re more likely to click your name and watch your video. So leave lots of likes and lots of comments. But DO NOT SPAM. Spread love and karma and people will reciprocate.

Hope this was helpful. Good luck man.


Or its bots, I remember that time when YouTube deleted all the spam accounts and I lost 1 sub, so probably not bots.