I hate to say it but I'm about to leave

I love this app and have been here from the day it launched. I’ve gone away and come back a couple times but I’ve always loved it for the community. Everyone has always been supportive and collaborative. It’s amazing. Now I’m literally disgusted by how everyone is being treated by this influx of GenZ users from TikTok. People that OG users were happy to welcome here at first. I see people being attacked for being millennial, straight, men, unfunny. Basically everything. Then everyone that says it hides behind it saying “it’s a joke”. Bullying is being encouraged by thousands where they are talking about doing it just to make people leave. And you know what? It’s working. People are leaving.


its really sad to see that some peoples actions are having such an effect on the community so soon :frowning:

i did say this in another forum post but i genuinely would encourage you to, like me, stick with it! this huge influx was always going to have its pros and cons however things can only get better from here (afterall, the team have lots planned) and i genuinely believe that once people get adjusted to byte as a platform and actually realise what a great foundation and community has been built, it will have been worth the wait


I feel similarly. I am thinking about leaving my account for a while until I hear through the grapevine that this brigade has ceased. It’s doing a lot of damage to me mentally and I’m not handling it well. It’s not only the harassment, but it’s the feeling of being ignored in favor of Byte growing its user base. That is what is sticking to me the most right now. I don’t feel heard or valued. I have read from users and moderators that we just need to suck it up and embrace the comments. Uhh… we’re not talking about the jokes or the sarcasm, we’re talking about real bullying. Please stop treating our concerns as invalid or overblown and do something about it.

I dunno. Is this is what Byte wants in the short term as long as the long term increases their numbers? Is Byte saying “it’s worth the harassment NOW for the secured userbase LATER after all this blows over and they stick around.” Makes me very uncomfortable.


ok so i definitely its a shock, and a little annoying but some things to keep in mind. first these are literally kids, most of them aren’t out of high school. second, wait and see how many stick, its only been two days, some of them will get tired and log off. I truly think that there are some very incredible creators coming over and they are bringing a lot of positivity. lastly we can’t immediately go on the defensive and make an “us vs them situation” if they don’t like your content they wont interact there’s plenty of space for all of us. main take away is this, welcome the newbies and don’t interact (or in extreme cases block) with the meanies.


also if we were able to get along with the furries i think we can cope with gen z


Leave my people out of this.


i totally respect what you are preaching, because it is evident you care and you provide some very valid points, but i don’t think it’s right to imply that byte & the team are somehow tolerating this toxicity and negative behaviour we are seeing

i just think they are trying to deal with demand and that in itself is a massive task and just because the platform is not as squeaky clean as it was a month ago after just two days of insane growth, does not mean it can not (in time) go back to being the amazing and gratifying community we all know it can be

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All it would take is a quick post reminding newcomers of the rules and that bullying will not be tolerated. It’s a gesture that shows the team is watching even if they cannot get to everything right away.


Honestly, taking a break from Byte doesn’t sound like a bad idea…idk, probs me

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:eyes: - straight from todays whats next post

to be fair though, for those who that message was targetting, it will only fall on deaf ears as a result of their own arrogance and toxicity


I saw that. It wasn’t strong enough to me and didn’t address anything. It felt like it was just thrown in at the end and wasn’t pointing towards anything. It’s possible I am expecting too much right now from the Byte team. That’s fair. I’ll admit to that. But it’s still not a good experience right now and I am feeling ignored.


I can totally understand why you feel that way and I am sure you are not alone in your emotions… I have been here since last November and I can not say i am overjoyed by the behaviour I am having to endure over the past two days

but I have always believed in the team and the byte community to prevail over all its challenges and I am sure, within time, things will start to be a lot brighter and happier for everyone :slight_smile:

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Guys, don’t give up on Byte. There is going to be a period of adjustment for everyone including the Byte team as they figure out how to smooth out the rough edges. Same happened on launch day, it was a madhouse for a week or two and then things started to get better as they made adjustments to the app. So take a bit of time off, but don’t leave forever. I don’t think Byte will go back to what it was just a few days ago, which is not a bad thing, but things will start to fall into place.

Also, I’ve noticed a big change in comments. There seems to be less of them, even though other activity is unchanged. Not sure if the Byte team did anything to calm things down comment-wise, but, something is different already.

Hang in there!


I greatly appreciate what you’re saying and thinking on it I may have been over reacting. I may just take a break from it but I’ll never leave byte completely. I waited way too long for this to give up on it app. :slight_smile:


Don’t leave, I’m gen z and some of us are trying to hold all the hate down, keep doing your thing, they will get tired at some point, just don’t take anything personal, have a great night​:relieved::sparkles:


hey stick around, i just got here and am liking it! I love drawing! @drawingkumar


i feel exactly the same way. it’s affecting me pretty badly. in my eyes i see them being favourited over this loyal community who have stuck with the app and it’s development for years. i welcome all people to join, but when it comes to them shi**ing on us and the app we love with our hearts, it isn’t ok, and something needs to be done about it. i want them to understand and be respectful.

and even though they’re DEMANDING tiktok features with things like “just copy tiktok”, “make it exactly like tiktok”, literally slaughtering dom and his teams hard work. they say the app is awful, but the byte team still do as they say just to please them?! it doesn’t make any sense.

i’ve just seen that bytes are seemingly going to be longer now? so much for originality and sticking to your word. we really are being ignored. i wish we had more communication from them again. until then, we are left in the dark, and it hurts.


I know that us Gen Z are invasive, but take it from a gen z’s perspective:

Most of us got addicted to tiktok. We loved tiktok, most of us used tiktok as an escape from the world and as an application to be ourselves n have fun. now thats being taken away from us, I can’t speak for everyone, but I was very upset personally

its our sense of humour: when we say we’re gonna bully u off the app we dont legitimately mean we are. if u receive death threats or anything too far, we don’t claim them. this entire thing is a big joke, hence using the hearts, sparkles and fairy emojis in our sentences or right after words. It’s like people exaggerating the word “totally” in sentences: it’s our way of being sarcastic and joking around.

Let me exaplain why we attack straight men:
We don’t attack straight men directly, well at least i dont, we group them all together because we’re used to it. I know, it sounds stupid, but on tiktok there are Gen Z and incels, incels being what people group as “straight white males” because they objectify women, are misogynistic and are mostly homophobic and racist. another reason people might bully straight white men is because they’ve never faced oppression: the LGBTQ and black people have faced years of oppression, and now it appears to be straight white males who are trying to get a “straight pride” or are saying “all lives matter” i dont fully know, but I think thats the reason why.

As a gen z, take everything as a grain of salt. we’re joking around. i even suggest sending a fairy comment as a response if you receive one, or if you get sent “no❤️” reply with “yes❤️”. again, its all for jokes.

i hope u can see this from our perspective now, thanks!

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lol and most of us experienced that with vine? hence why this app was made in the first place and the reason why MANY of the byte community wanted to be on here.

why and how does that make you guys any different? both sides lost our happy/safe space, you lost tiktok and we lost vine, that’s why we are all here. so why can’t we all get along and make everyone feel included without harassment. that’s literally all we want. byte is supposed to be about a healthy community :blue_heart:


yeah, thats true. i guess. i suppose we’re all so used to making fun of people like straight tiktok, shane and gabbie that people have moved their interests to millenials.