I hate the statement "Old people are wiser" or "Respect your elders"

I feel like a lot of Gen Z people maybe millennials too hate these statements, because it can lead to people thinking homophobic/racist thoughts are ok. It’s also used to defend homophobic/racist thoughts when a teen like me tries to argue that those thoughts aren’t ok. Older people aren’t going to know everything because of “experience”. I mean I’m not talking about life skills like cooking, but the fact that this statement is used to make us believe we have to agree with everything elders say. What if an older person told you, “Men don’t cry, Man up!”, you argue with them and they say, “Respect you elders”. It keeps society from moving forward. This is why for centuries people have stayed on the same train of thought. Also, why am I supposed to listen to some random ass man called Jesus who made these rules? I understand religion can be used to deal with reality, but it also can get people stuck on one mentality for life. The reason why so many people who are Gen Z stopped the religion train in our family(like me). Is so we can see what is happening around us instead seeing the world in one aspect. For example, a lot of Zoomers are depressed, because we can see all of the damage our ancestors have made. Instead of having some random man to look up to, we embrace our mental illness, and go get a phycologist or something similar. If you made it this far congratulations. You have listened to me rant. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk🥰


I’m glad someone brought this up


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Ive thought about this, and I think the core part of this divide comes down to the differences in how generally different age groups define the word “respect”. Old people tend to see respecting someone as submitting to them as an authority. Younger people see respect as acknowledging ones humanity. As someone who falls in the second category, I agree that we should “respect our elders” but in a way that acknowledges their humanity, not blindly bends to their authority. This is subsequently a lot harder to do and takes a lot more work and empathy. It also broadens who we should respect. Not just elders, but those the same age and younger as well. And since you brought up the religion connection, I believe this definition of respect much more closely mirrors what Jesus actually said and how he treated people (especially if he was who he said he was, he would have the ultimate ability to demand submission but chose to acknowledge the humanity of the most lowly in society). It’s pretty messed up how people (specifically Americans, as that is what I can speak to as an American) have distorted that to get us to the social and political mess we are in. I have hope though that we are learning from all this pain. We just have to be kind and patient with each other. Have empathy and recognize others humanity :heart:


Respect your elders is a pretty outdated and old fashion concept. The problem is you hear is as a blanket statement that someone gives you that demands they are not defied in any way just because they are older.

The proper and correct usage would be more of a “older folks paved the way for you to get as far as you have so early, and now you can go farther. Like older musicians. Their music style and even lyrics can get very sour with age, but they are foundations that musics built on today.

That’s just an example. As others have noted respect people any age has a stronger foothold then it would’ve 30 years ago.

So my question is who the heck is telling you guys this so frequently that you all are praising this. This is Stuff my mom and grandparents would say and they were born in the 20s and 50s lol

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There’s a reason zoomer rhymes with boomer.

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This is not a new idea. Since the time of Socrates (399BCE) there has been a challenging of the idea “older people know best,” he thought it was dumb young people liked to write things down to remember. Every “generation” (generations are not real) has challenged the ones before it. From the 1860’s and ending slavery, 1920’s letting woman vote, 1930’s and Social New Deal policy, 1940’s and women in the workplace and military, 1950’s and 1960s with civil rights, to the 2010s and the push for gay marriage “largely pushed by both people “who are” Gen X and Millennials.” With a lot more in between.

“Respect your elders” is rooted in taking the time to hear out life advice, but not every elder has equally good advice. You too have feelings today that will be seen as dated one day. Maybe that is how we largely see/treat animals today, to how we still largely ignore the mistreatment of people in 3rd world nations to get our goods.

Your elders give you a view of a world, a time that came before you. You do not have to keep carrying all of their torches, but you do need to understand that most of your elders are more progressive than their elders. But like them you can ether keep reflecting the times or be locked in place at some point. Not all Boomers for instance are conservative. I know many that are as liberal as the young people today.

Respect the fact you have access to a “elder” person, and their wisdom/life experience. It gives you a chance to understand when, how, and where they drew a line. And maybe you will one day catch yourself doing it too, as you become an elder.


i hate “respect ur elders” like no mary i will not automatically respect you ecause u are 70 years older than me u earn my respect


respect those that respect you, simple.



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Wait what are we praising

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I’m remained of my classic Literature professor. She says something a long the lines that tension between the generations must The stronger will prove the other is wrong. Please note that the woman loved Greek Mythology that was layered with the pantheon where the young must defeat the older Gods. Until you know…Zeus broke the cycle.

It might be locations and geography that causes this narrative. If you were raised in a “red state”, “conservative” family. Naturally your views will be seen as different. That’s where the liberal aunt/uncle trope comes from.

The sad truth is the progress of each generation is either killed or just working too hard and can’t take on mentees. And we’re stuck with these conservatives who hold the narrative. Of course, it’s going to seem like we’re in agreement with bad politics.

I made a video series vent about this topic on Byte. I’m glad this zoomers are so liberal. But you are still kids. There are life experience you haven’t had yet. This by no means an insult. Simply the true.

When my mentee turned twenty he told me. He now understands my view on the world and why at times I was so jaded. Something about your 20s just causes you to want to scream into the void. Because you’re now a “real adult” but “older adults” will correct you and remind you that you’re a “young adult” :slight_smile: You don’t have money because the economy were dealt with is on fire :fire:. But you’re still “young and beautiful” and so you party because what else can I do with this money? Get a side hustle they say. You don’t need sleep they say. Until you end up in a hospital bed because you didn’t take care of your body and now you have a health condition because of your risk less actions. I’m not even going to get into the mental illness b/c that’s just triggering to me personally.

It seems that zoomers believe that no other generation is as “queer” as they are. Even though they have no formal study on “queer studies” Another notes, must of the zoomers don’t seem understand the tragic impact that the War on Drugs and the HIV/AID pandemic caused to the LGBTQA+ community and Black/Latinxs during the 80s-90s. I ask my gen X friends because I’m curious. How must that have looked like? Through the eyes of a child?
A good book to read if you’re interested on the topic is Rat Bohemia by Sarah Schulman. The book focuses on three individuals experiencing the HIV/AIDS outbreak in NYC during the 80s.

Every generation is a stepping stone to the next. That’s what it’s what we’re meant to be. But, I just hate when children try to give me advice and I’m like sweetie :slight_smile: no :sparkling_heart:. Why do I know it didn’t work because I tired it. I might work for you once laws are changed. But in this current landscape, nope. :upside_down_face:

There are two types of people who give respect people until proven wrong. The others are people who need to see actions so they can decide if they should respect you. Most Zoomers are the later that’s the reason for the conflict most of the time. Because someone says anything out of bounds they don’t deserve your energy.

(I’m so sorry that this is all over the place. But, I think all aspects of this reply is needed for context)


they may be wiser and shit in some places but like-
they don’t know what teens are going through, they may not have experience in what were doing or what we need help with.




They do, it’s just they don’t remember very well. I remember my teen years because I’m traumatized by it. So fucking traumatized :upside_down_face:

People demand perfection at all times. Perfection at the first attempt. Even though as we get older we realize those ideals are stupid and stressful.

The pending doom of having to choice a college and picking the “perfect major” Even though most people change their minds by the middle of the first semester. But no one talks to you teens about that.

Or let’s say you don’t want college at all. Cool, have you thought of a trade school? Another thing no one wants to talk about.

You’re more into business? Take some business classes in a community college. Make all your projects about the business you’ll like to start. And boom, you have a business plan ready.

Your peers that bully you because no one REALLY knows what’s going on. But, it’s true to attack the “nobody”. Drugs and sex is everywhere but in reality you’re not ready for it. And someone don’t respect your choice or decision.

For the first time in your life, you don’t agree with your parents. And your parents lose their shit because they aren’t used to it yet. They don’t trust you yet because you’re a child but your mature enough to pick a college and possibly be in debt???

Being a teenager is HARD because the gap year of 17-19 is like you’re KINDA an adult. But you have to be careful since people will abuse the timeframe.

What makes it harder is if you can’t find an adult to talk to about these complex emotions. I know I didn’t which didn’t help my stress and my mental health. I try to expend a listening ear and an open heart because coming to age means different things to different people.

They people who can relate to you all the most is most likely millennials. Because we were raised on the internet. The only difference I have is I didn’t join adult serves because I knew I didn’t want to talk to adults like my parents :joy: But, I did talk to 20s years old because they were cool. And they sorta helped me see that my interests can translate into adulthood.