I hate Facebook so much

Literally every post on my feed is a random clickbait-y video by ladbible or that rick lax magician guy and it’s so annoying. It’s not even a social media site anymore. It’s just random crap and nothing like what Facebook was. Here’s to hoping that media pages don’t seep their way into V2. Anyone else fed up with fb?


Deleted Facebook at the start of the new year, life is so much better ever since.

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I never liked facebook. Especially when videos became huge there and started fucking up my feed. I came for the people not for some normie trash memes and low quality clickbait.

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Same tbh.


I just use facebook to watch random videos tbh. that’s it haha

Facebook is kinda anoying but it’s a great place to share content and get others to know your work. It’s really pleasent on that way!

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yeah I think that’s what it all is now.
When your stuff is shared on facebook that’s when you know you kinda made it.
coz most of the videos we see are all viral

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I was born in Argentina and grew up there for 16 years and came to the States… my family is from Korea… A lot of my life bonds are scattered all over the world, and even though there are many ways to communicate nowadays facebook was the first to unify all my circles of influences and made communication so much more efficient for me… for that I will always love Facebook… are there cont’s? yes, but every social media does! You can always enhance Facebook by sharing and liking your interests that is how facebook determines what goes first on your feed…same as instagram, youtube, google, etc…

And on another side note, Facebook is more than just the app, they actually own so many companies: Instagram and Whatsapp among those! they are a big deal in the business world; and I am a fan… sorry I write so much…

Definitely know what you mean. One of the things I regret about not using the platform anymore is losing the easy sign-in functionality, just using Facebook to sign in saves a lot of time.

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oh yeah that is so handy!

Same, never liked it

yea thats why i have gradually stopped using Facebook, i haven’t been on for 2 months now

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I feel ya on that… I only have Facebook to stay in touch with people from my hometown and towns that I’ve lived in… like friends that’s arent close enough to be on my snap but I’d like to know if they got married or went to jail :joy::joy:

i dont even have facebook anymote…wait i do but just not active or use it at all lmao

Facebook is too complicated for me. Too many features imo

I don’t use it anymore