I Got College Certificates! (And Leaving!)

Guys, I got and have my college certificates now and I’m really proud of myself! (vlog should be up) Someone said “You’re weak, you can’t even stay at college for more than one year” (You serious?!)

Some people don’t know me, I’ve been in college since 2017, and started doubting it since 2018, and stuck it out since now! (Friends have left because of stress before me) How dare they, it really makes me mad that they’re saying delete your channel also, really demotivating…

I’m blocking everyone who does this because this isn’t right and I’m not taking bs from anyone anymore.

But yeah, I’m gonna have loads of certificates by the end of this year, so it doesn’t matter if I leave now…sigh

Thanks fo’ the support!
-Nathan J


Had I stayed in my year and not dropped out to restart the entire course elsewhere, I would be in the same position as you - leaving to start uni/work. But my old sixth form was extremely stressful, thankfully I’m doing better at this one. Can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life once this one is over :laughing:


Congratulations bro. Keep proving everybody wrong. :muscle: