I get that y’all are worried-

-but could we maybe show a modicum of faith in the developers?
We can definitely hype up and support the app- and even create creator based hype projects like twitter hashtags and things, but as users of the app, or primary function should be on creating the best content and being the best ambassadors that we can be for the app, not trying to create advertising schemes. If you want to help byte in a bigger sense, I know that they’re hiring more devs, but the team behind the app have already expressed that they’re not looking to advertise just yet.

Obviously, everybody’s allowed to have their own opinions on things. Not trying to stop that. But as a user, I’m tired of reading about how every new feature with definitely be the downfall of the app. It’s kind of disheartening, and I don’t even have anything to do with making the app. You are allowed to genuinely dislike features without a “deeper meaning” to it.