I found a V2 fake on the App Store

I have been expecting V2 ever since the teaser was dropped and my curious self went to the App Store to see it it was there and guess what, it was. It has a crown as the App photo. Ik it’s a fake but at least it’s something to keep me busy😂

It is a fake app. The real one will be coming out this Summer.

Not the real version, please try to avoid it to reduce the amount of people falling for it. Only places you should trust for v2 announcements are the forums, @dom hofman’s twitter and the official v2 Twitter

I’d suggest not using the app. If they tell you to go to a link, etc, it could be harmful. Be careful

To get official news regarding v2, keep checking these forums, and follow @dhof and @v2app on twitter

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Ik all of that stuff ok… I’ve been researching this whole topic for a month and the fact of me using was supposed to be a joke🤷🏽‍♀️

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just being sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh ok thanks

They realized that fake applications are only in “App Store”, no one in “Play Store”

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