I forgot to enter the beta program, though I'm qualified

I didn’t notice there was a beta signup…
I registered at the very start (beginning of 2018 I think).

Is there any possible way for me to still participate?


This is quoted from One week in w/ byte + beta plans


That’s a bummer… Well I guess I should be thankful there’ll be another beta phase.


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Try to be fast af for the next one mate,


And then I also believe that in order to be qualified, you also have to be active since the beginning

Not the beginning, you just have to have made an account anytime before the beta announcement post.

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No worries buddy. There are plenty of people on the forums like you and me who missed the chance to sign up for the first stage of the beta. We will just have to wait for the “additional opportunities” that are soon to come.

You just have to be a basic member, member or above.

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I am definitely getting on every day to check for a beta

Lmaoo same here