I finished all 13 of my essays due this week

and now I’m about to drape myself across my favourite lounge chair with a mug of choccy milk and watch svu and in a couple of hours, (it’s available at 4 am) grey’s anatomy.

post an accomplishment of yours down below so we can all feel good about ourselves.

examples: a pic of an art project you finished, a rundown of your taxes, getting out of bed this morning after only your fifth alarm (since it usually takes 7), etc.

i will be unbelievably salty if no one responds. so pls, for only one post a day you can save my self esteem from tanking further than it already has. it’s already in the ninth circle of hell, mate.

update: sorry if i don’t like your post for another 12 hours, i ran out of my daily 50 again…


congratulations on finishing all 13 essays, hope you get the level you wanted. my achievement of this week would be getting some revision done for my ICT and science exam.


thanks so much, amelia. congrats on getting revision done when procrastination is so real.


I finished my physics paper which is about calculating the hight of a building by using the acceleration and velocity of an elevator. It was due in a capacity of 2 weeks and we had to provide a 20 page (back to back so 40) scientific report including 10 hand drawn graphs and scientific calculations. I’ve never been so stressed in my life but I just got my results and I smashed it! I’m so happy I finished in time


Also congratulations on your 13 essays!!! I could NOT do that I can’t write for the LIFE of me

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ohh i remember doing that and having the time of my life (i’m a science nerd BIG TIME). it must’ve been a lot of pressure for you. so congratulations on absolutely smashing it, then! you deserve the praise, my dude.


and thank you. it took a couple of years off my life, but i’ve gotten my results for two of them back and it seems i will be finishing with an A this semester. 'tis happens when you work a double major.


“I will be unbelievably salty if no on responds.” I died when you said that! :joy: But yeah congratulations! It always feels better when you just get everything done instead of waiting and stuff. And I won a championship in a trail racing series. Pretty c o o l.

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I’ve been working at Disney World and I’m doing pretty well at my job even though it is not my fav, and I have a semi-clear path on where I want my future to be (as of now)!! thanks a lot to this forum tbh (not to get sappy) but this community has really flourished and instilled a genuine motivation for content creation and just doing what I love!!

Also TY for this wholesome thread


thanks mate :joy: i suppose i’ll have to use that more often to get people replying to my posts :smile:

congratulations on your championship! trail racing sounds intimidating as heck, especially the high altitude part. i am very impressed.


The only thing that’s intimidating in trail racing are the trees.

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no problem! i love my dark jokes, but i appreciate wholesomeness on a whole other level.

working at Disney sounds really tiresome, so props to you. i’m glad you now know the direction you’re heading in.

i do very much appreciate this forum too. it’s a great place to bond and make friends. to conclude, congrats to you for figuring yourself out (partially). that’s a tough thing to do.


But thank you!

holy ouch. i hope that wasn’t you, and i hope that’s not you in the future!

(and np)


Nope that wasn’t me. But I’ve done that before. :joy: It’s always the best.

good to know! i hope you recovered well. sorry my mum instinct’s been activated.

i’m like a meerkat

“injury? Injury? where???1/??”


Oh my GOD a double major!!?!? That’s HUGE I’m was thinking of doing one but everyone said that was SUICIDE, I’m so proud of you!!! That’s incredible that you’re finishing with an A grade and I’m a science nerd too!!

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:joy::joy::joy: I love meercats they’re so cute. And I’ve never gotten seriously hurt from running into trees. Just a few cuts and bruises.

you know what they say about meerkat fans… the more the meerier!

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:joy: (8chan)