I feel like we should actually be able to use the search bar with hashtags

You know how on Instagram, you can just search for, let’s say, #memes and find all posts tagged with that hashtag? I don’t know why it hasn’t been implemented on Byte cause right now searching for a post with that specific hashtag in order to find more posts with that hashtag isn’t the most optimal way of searching for them. Maybe it could even be done a step up and allow you to “follow” that hashtag so more posts with that hashtag appear on the Your Mix page (although there would need to be a way to prevent people from abusing the complete and utter shit out of it with bots). Just thought that it would really help to improve the whole hashtag feature of the platform.


The search bar for the hashtag is coming but for following a hashtag, I don’t think anytime soon because certain tags aren’t popular enough. (maybe long-term) I like the idea.


Wait, so it’s actually coming? Nice!