I feel like the tiktok won't close

Tiktok’s closure was a dream. On the contrary, many celebrities who did not use Tiktok could not take it long and started to open a Tiktok account.

Byte’s competitors (current):

Instagram Reels
Youtube Shorts
Snapchat Spotlight
Twitter Fleet

When will the byte prediction make a good breakout and come up?
Is there at least a 2021 plan?
What exactly is the most basic feature of Byte that will make a difference against all its competitors and be different from them?


I don’t have much input here and I don’t want to speculate on things. I will say that fleet is not a competitor to byte in any way.


Byte is in a tough spot, they will most likely never sell, and they aren’t popular.

Spotify is a tech startup that did the same thing, but the only difference is they did it first. You get a lot of credit for doing something first.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink byte as a video app, it won’t be sustainable to be vine 2.0 or a tiktok clone.

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how fleets compete with byte because i don’t think i understand

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If they do, it may evolve to a different dimension.

alex skill for the amazon echo show would be a big feature that its competitors hasn’t devoloped yet. We’ll see if they release it next month

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