I downloaded byte using TestFlight

I downloaded byte using TestFlight Because I’m from Israel and byte isn’t available on the AppStore.
My question is if I downloaded byte using TestFlight I will become beta tester when byte will be release in Israel?

No, you won’t be a beta tester by downloading the TestFlight version. You’ll need an access code in order to become a beta tester! I hope this answers your question. :smiley:

My friend gave me a code but the app didn’t ask for it

But did you successfully create an account?


Could you send me a photo of Byte within the TestFlight app (privately)?

woopsie. Didn’t know you could create an account on testflight app! :o

The TestFlight version is not meant for public use.

I can’t remember how to send a private massage

I’ll send you a DM. :smiley:

From India. And India doesn’t have Byte in the App Store. Would love an invite code to download the app on TestFlight!

The Byte team isn’t giving out any new beta invite codes right now.

Ah damn. And any web viewer to view the content that isn’t country or region specific?

People post their Bytes and Byte compilations on YouTube as well. :smile: