I don't know what to do my family wants me to go to college but I feel like I'm not smart enough and I don't know if college is for me.what should I do?

Can you help me I don’t know what to do


It’s not about how smart you are it’s all about making people think you know what you’re talking about. What I have observed in life it’s 50% skill and 50% bullshitting .

I don’t even understand anything on scholarship applications I wish I could just make it and get money like the ex v*ne stars

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But I cant

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First of all, Nobody is not intelligent maybe you faults in some subjects because you dont like them but you are intelligent. Second, if you do not want to go dont go, you are of legal age and you can decide your future on your own, tell this to your family, they can not decide for you.

You can test out community college and then advance from there

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It’s not about what other people want you to do find something you are good at and do it.

I’m in the same boat I never did good on tests in high school I’m currently not in school so far I’m taking a year off to decide what I want to do. Because since i wasn’t a scholar in school so I didn’t get any full rides or scholarships. So do what you want to do no matter what it is. But if your going to go to school make sure that you want to go because debt comes fast.

I believe I can pass it’s just college stuff is stressful for some seniors and I’m one of those seniors

It’ll be okay just breathe. You’ll be fine

If you don’t think college is right for you then don’t go, theres no point in waisting all that money. I think that collage is not for everyone put everyone needs a higher education, so look into things like trade school :slightly_smiling_face:

I think if you feel it’s not right for you then you shouldn’t go. I’m assuming by college you mean American equivalent of university?
I was unsure if I wanted to go to uni. I applied, and got in, but at the time I wasn’t ready for it so decided against doing it. It’s a lot of money to be committing if you’re unsure about it.
You could always take a couple of years out and do other things, no one says you have to go right now! I had the chance of going at 18, I’m now 24 and I’m thinking about going. You’re never too old to do what you want! :hugs:

Test out college. David Dobrik once said that if you know you want to be like a entertainer, move to California and just do it.

Honestly college/university isn’t that much harder than my high school you just have more work to do. You actually have to read the textbooks and actually do the work unlike most of high school. I saw someone earlier say go to community college that’s a great idea. My state (assuming you’re in the US) has free community college and then you can transfer to a 4 year school after if you liked it. The chances of getting rich off vine or otheir social media are very very small but it can happen. I’d say going to college and getting a degree and a nice job with a good salary is much easier to imagine and accomplish though. You should try it.

P.S. ALL colleges allow you to go and sit in classes no matter your age so you should contact some of the colleges you like and ask to sit in if possible. It lets you get a feel for the class environment and the level of work required.

If you’re unsure, you could always take a gap year or two. Then you can decide if college is the right decision for you. College is not the be end or end all. Someone above said you could test out community college (I’m not sure what that is because I’m not American), but you could always find a place that offers short term courses on subjects that interest you.