I don't get discord

Majority voted for Discord. I feel so noob. Can someone explain how it works. Supposed to have another group there but, it doesn’t seem to show… I think… Idk.


check this out,

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oh. YO sup messy queen haha

ayy whats up

When the times come Dom will create the group. He will send a link which you’ll have to click and you’d be accepted to the group.

the group has not been made yet that’s why it doesn’t show!

what is discord? :joy:

It’s a platform for chatting mostly used for gaming. There’s voice and text chat, so it makes a pretty good choice for a place to get ideas out

It’s also known to be safer, more anonymous, and easier to use than previously existing chat clients used by gamers including Skype and TeamSpeak.

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Discord is a nice app for this, tbh

Me , Myself voted discord without even having account and its easy to use i think and also famous for Gamings.

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thats great