I don't feel warm when visiting Byte anymore

The design of the app has changed way too much in all kinds of directions, and I cant seem to find good bytes in any feed…
Also I cant get myself to come up with byte ideas so thats that.
I hope I can fall in love with the current Byte some day, its just not the same.


Damn I’m trying my best out here man


Yeah, it’s hard for me to make content now. But I’m still willing to try


I’m not gonna hold you, sometimes change could be pretty scary. Everything you have gotten used to is now a little different. But sometimes change could be for the better, and I think that’s what the byte team is going for. A better experience for everyone.

Keep your head up, I’m sure within time you’ll get used to what they have set up now



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I feel this it’s just the tiktokers -alexbabyxx

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Yeah, they changed everything when all of american tiktok moved to new platforms

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Wow I wish I could feel your pain but I actually like this layout. Especially since there’s 100 new categories which is actually weird in my opinion. I guess everything has to evolves

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It was inevitable

I’ve been feeling the same! almost every single one of my posts has around 7 really cruel comments about how i look/weigh. I block them all but It really affects my mental health. I don’t know, i just feel so off going into byte now