I don’t understand this 😂

Why is everyone so bent on dom all of a sudden I hope you guys understand no app was made in a day Instagram and Snapchat both took a lot of time and money all your favorite games took time and money but look at this dom is by himself he doesn’t have a whole team working on V2 with him so the app will obviously be developed slower guys the app will release in time practice making content don’t harass dom and live your life like you would normally instead of looking for your “Ticket to stardom” from a friendly Expert ~ Justin :blush:


we can help dom,we can donation to him in kiksarter or something like that

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thank you!


This is exactly what I wanted to hear around here. Someone who actually understands what Dom has to go through to make such an app as this. Patience is very important here, and you gotta be able to keep it for a while, and don’t lose it.


Thanks I understand that it takes a lot of time as resources to succeed in the creation of a project such as “V2”, a lot of people want it and even dom said himself he has found happiness in recreating this app everyone needs patience

But yes, I do agree. I’ve just been focusing on other things anyways, and thinking of vines to make whenever it comes out.

If he does this, he would be put under even more pressure as he’d end up having to make promises and struggle to meet them.

It’s better to just let him work on this on his own. Funding can come after he creates the first iteration or so of the app.