I don’t think old v***rs are gonna come back. Lemme explain

So I think a lot or most people on here can agree that the mostly featured and popular old viners (lele pons, piques, etc) haven’t gotten the best rep since the platform closed. Many, MANY utubers have commented and ridiculed them for the content they did make on vine and are making on utube and instagram. Since vines closing, I think people have become MORE aware of the poor content they were making and will chose to shun(?) them on the new platform.

I didn’t word this how I exactly wanted to and idk if this really makes sense. Also I could be completely wrong and yeah. Ok thx.

Edit: I also wanted to say that we(?) could make this platform a much more filtered one that doesn’t just involve an algorithm to make people $$ like utube. If there isn’t as much incentive, we can get the people who genuinely enjoyed making quality content on v2


If it means them getting money I think they definitely will


That sucks. well if they do come back. Thats gonna be nice. :neutral_face:

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It’s always about money with humans. That’s why I’m worried about v2 doesn’t matter how much they say it’s about creators. Big companies start waving cash it’s game over

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I’ll be back. I wasn’t huge, but I also wasn’t unheard of. But you are probably right, a lot of popular Viners may have an account but it won’t be their primary place to post. Just another platform to continue growing and staying in touch with their fans.


Hahahaha I’m fine if lelepons and all those others done come back give me ms Keisha, oovoo javer, the two bros chillen… any content like that will defiantly be welcomed in my book as long as people don’t try too hard to recreate the old feel


I Want to become known just to help people smile. Cause even though soles viners only used vine as a way to make money, their comedy helped me smile when even my friends couldn’t. I just want to be able to give that to someone else


Agree 100% many Viners won’t comeback they might feel it as a hassle.


I agree but we don’t need them. Back with vine came out I was too young to create content. Now I am old enough to be funny and stuff and I think that new peeps are gonna be the come up :slight_smile:


David, you’ve upgraded to YouTuber anyway

Wait is that actually u. I’m about to pee myself. Pls be real.

The real David has other things to do rn lol

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I feel like those who aroze from Vine have established themselves in other platforms since the original apps demise and more than likely not bop back to 6 second videos (or maybe they will…who honestly knows). V2 has so much potential and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Its not really David Dorbrik lmao

Beware of Logan Paul

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If they see a potential revenue source they will


I think you made a good point, except you forgot the fact they are all self righteous and arrogant and think they can do no wrong. They will be back just because it will feed their ego and make them feel important.

I really don’t think people are going to stay away from V2 because of “poor content awareness”. When creators left vine and went to youtube, they changed the way they created their content and I don’t think you can compare the two fairly.

Also, with V2, we will have new content creators. Why would we try to bring everyone back? Yes some will come back but there will be loads of new people on V2.


Since this is the poppin chat rn lemme ask a question… Russ?

If they don’t, it’ll give us new content creators a new place to make material. Slimming down from a minute to (about) six seconds will test me creatively, but hey - instagram is doing good for me, but let’s see how V2 turns out. Old viners returning or not, I’ll be out there making y’all laugh!