I don’t think copyright should be to strict

Music really makes videos creative and fun so I hope they aren’t to strict on this…


Any thoughts?

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Jeez I hope not, it could seriously affect content


they should be as strict as they need to be when it comes to legal issues.


Yeah I know…

Some copyright issues are out of the apps control. If a user is making money off of using someone else’s art, it isn’t right. There needs to be some sort of regulation.


Copyright should be strict honestly, it is people’s work and they deserve recognition and if they do not, legal actions may be used.


I think as long as it’s not too strict (allowing for fair use) we artists will be good.

I think this is fine if “youtube” is the standard, as that’s a pretty low standard. My concern with an overly strict content monitering system that is automated, the app would stifle part of what made it so great in the first place… namely the ability to riff on other peoples’ ideas and repurpose content in new contexts, i.e., the textbook definition of Meme. Of course it’s a blurry line between additive value and derivative work but are we trying to protect big corporations’ IP or individual creators’ IP? Cause those are two very different ideas with different solutions.

Anyway, just food for thought…! I’m excited for v2!

i think the copyright stuff should focus a LOT more on people stealing others’ vines. i noticed that that was becoming a huge problem with unnecessarily popular accounts taking others videos (sometimes even going as far as blurring out the creator’s watermark and placing theirs on it) and never crediting the original creator. accounts got so big on vine just for stealing other peoples funny videos and compiling them into one place saying something like “who did this :joy::joy::joy:” in the caption to make it seem like they just randomly found it somewhere. i explained that terribly, but im sure most of you get my point.
and i’m sure a lot of things with vine and music/tv thigs would fall under fair use. it’s only 6.5 seconds at the very most.

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I hope that V2 wouldn’t have copyrights

Concerned about the details. I would hope that a video/music mash-up would qualify as a unique piece of Pop art.

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Copyright issues are legal issues. They can’t just decide to ignore them. That’s how they get sued.

In that case, your issue isn’t with this app. Your issue is with copyright law, and you need to take that up with the people who make laws in your country. Copyright law applies regardless of whether you’re using V2, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.


What does this mean for us editors who use clips and music to create edits of tv shows, youtubers, anime, etc.?

@Tiana - Do you have the copyright over the content you’re editing together?

If yes, you’re all set!

If not:

Ohhhhh. I think I get it now

I teach copyright law, so I can give you a simple example: you want to create an edit of something from The Good Place, but put a clip of the new Troye Sivan song over it. You would need to:

  • speak to NBC/Universal to get their permission to use footage from The Good Place;
  • speak to EMI to get their permission to use a section of audio from the Troye Sivan song.

If you don’t do that, and either EMI or NBC/Universal find your edit, they are legally allowed to submit a DMCA Takedown Notice with the app/platform to have the clip removed, because you have breached their copyright.

Also, since the platform’s Terms and Conditions state that “users are responsible for the content they upload”, they could also launch legal action against you, as the editor, for breaching their copyright.


Okay. Thank you so much

Awww no that means all my videos I just did won’t work :pensive: I thought it would need to be 30 seconds for it to be copyright. 6.5 seconds is totally not enough for it to be copyrighted. That makes everything so hard now…

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Copyright has the same “rules” for any social media platform in a sense. If you are referring to stolen content, the original creator would have to watermark the vine or make an actual copyright for their account (which would probably not happen).

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