😹 i didn’t expect my thing to blow up

My post was a joke- i brought up some points in the beginning but i was bored so i decided to piss some people off. i would be blatantly stupid of me to say that gen z has done everything. i assumed that the “what has every other generation done? nothing” and the “i will not be silenced!” would be a dead giveaway but ig not​:skull::skull: anyway thank you for the video idea i’ll tag y’all in the byte i’m going to make​:heart:

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I’m confused how people have blown up so easily

like… I only have like 10 followers and I posted the same amount of content as others in two days


me too i posted one thing and got like 41 followers

on byte i mean

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how many likes did you get?

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Truss me… they won’t gain any big followings on other platforms like IG


You forget that Alttiktok came as a community. That’s the reason they’re blowing up so easily. Because they relate to and support each others content.


Yes, a few big ones came and all of their followers, well, followed.

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I promise, you will grow more quickly on byte than any other platform. I have been on insta for 10 years and I have more than twice the followers on byte after only 6 months.

Tiktok was very clout/fame focused and we are very creativity focused and it takes a little more patience but it worth it. Those that blew up likely brought followers with them.