I did a tarot reading about byte's future

I do tarot for fun, my cards are a Russian type called square patience, not your typical deck. I thought I would share the results of my reading, for fun, enjoy!

  • You will get what you desire, although not in the immediate future.

  • You will expect someone not to fulfill a promise and you will be right.

  • Travel in the near future, aka new discoveries.

  • A radical change awaits you.

  • Someone will charm you with kindness

  • A strong friendship will support you your entire life

  • Merriment will never leave you, no matter what problems come up.

  • Soon you will hear good news

  • If patient you will obtain what you desire (this came up earlier too, so it is an important part of this reading)

That’s it for my reading. Hope you enjoyed! Take it with a grain of salt, this is just a fun little thing I like to do.


i want your service :clap:t4: 10/10


Okie dokie, this will probably get moved to off topic but I’m down to do a reading for you.

  • Do not fall prey to your own negative thoughts. Negative feelings are not a reflection of the reality around you. Should you feel that you cannot control you negative thoughts, seek professional help.

  • Trade will bring profit, don’t sell yourself short. Whatever you have whether it be material goods or talent is worthy and should not be undervalued. Respect those who know their value. If you are looking to buy or sell, do not take the first offer. This is a good time to ask for a raise, or seek out a job that pays more. This is a good time to undertake anything that will improve your financial success.

  • A good state of health. (Obviously take this bit of the reading with caution, if feel like you need to get medical help get it, the cards are no doctor)

  • A change in place of residence, in several months possibly. It does not mean you have to move, but only that circumstances are good for change of residence at this time. There are times in your life when you consider moving. However you hesitate and don’t go through with it. Later you look back and regret not purchasing the property. Hindsight is great, but unless you do something at the appropriate time, you will have regrets.

I have a card here with an engagement ring. Symbolizing the union of two people. Either you should consider advancing in your current relationship, or if you are single it’s a great time to look. If you are in a relationship this card comes up in relation to arguments, but the outcome is good after the waves. For other strong relationships it means you are in agreement with the other person on important matters.

  • An unexpected meeting or date. Could be an old friend, coworker, neighbor, or old flame. However this could mean someone calls unexpectly for a date. Either case it will be a nice time, or you’ll be at your best, surprising them.

  • Reconcilation will give you joy. This is with someone you are very close with. If you are having communication problems, then it is a good time to reach out for contact. Great joy will come from both of you with effort.
    Also this picture (angel) can refer to accepting something about yourself that you can’t change. When you overcome it, that will bring joy.

  • Profit in the house, success in business affairs. Money will come, great time to expand or try new ventures! (I know something similar came up which then stresses the importanance of this particular aspect of your reading)

  • Heart to heart sharing of news. You will have a conversation about important feelings or occurrences in your life. The information you exchange will be important to both your lives. You may clarify your feelings towards each other or resolve a problem. The conversation will leave you with a good feeling.

Enjoy it @Pac !


thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @TrippyCity


Where can I get a reading?


I can message you after I work today with a reading, just message me if you’d like a general one or if you’d like to focus on something particular :grin:


I want too

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