I created a byte COMPILATION!

Hi guys! I just created a byte compilation, you can find it here

If you wanna be part of the next one, be sure to tag @theplace in your bytes (you don’t have to follow that account). It would mean a lot to me if you could spread the channel and maybe even subscribe :slight_smile:

Pro tip: watch it on your phone to enjoy it in fullscreen :wink:

Feel free to hit me up with suggestions for improvement



Do you only repost comedy creators?

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Currently, yes, I only upload funny/comedy bytes. But in the future, I plan to also upload other types of bytes (art,music, …)

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Short make it longer 5 min - 10?

Another tip mention the category trend

I will tweet your video. To spread bytes message. This app needs to grow.

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yeah, I think if I don’t upload daily, I should be able to make longer vids.
What do you mean with category trend? Do you mean I should write if I took it from comedy/wierd/…?

it surely needs! Also, feel free check out my new compilation

Also, thanks for tweeting it!

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Yes. (e.g. comedy, weird, trend, spotlight, etc)

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ayyy part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-N8nKML5e4