I could use a bit of help

hey guys, so I’m a senior in highschool and its time to start applying for colleges. I’m really torn between staying local and getting a degree in music education and going big and trying to get into my dream college for my bachelors in fine arts~ emphasis on photography. It would be a big risk to try for my dream college, because I don’t really want to be drowning in debt forever. And I would be perfectly content just getting my education degree. So I guess I could just use your guy’s advice.


well angel, you’ve come to the right place.

if you’re in a tight spot financially i would say go local for your AA and then transfer to a bigger university. it’s easier to transfer to a big uni once you’ve completed your first few years because it’s just up to the transfer app instead of having to go through the entire two essays and hella paperwork to attend from the first year.

most uni’s just require 15 credits with them to be able to graduate with the school name. all of the other credits can be transferred in from other schools. it’s how i got my first degree, and i’m not drowning in debt, just slightly struggling. i think it’s the better route. however it does depend on the school how many credits you can transfer in, the limit is usually 60, which is how many credits you need for an associates degree, meaning when you transfer to the new school you’re starting your third year.

good luck x

(what’s your dream school? you can dm me if you want more advice/info. i am full of advice and experience. i’ll gladly answer any questions you have.)


What Jay said (I’m too lazy to type lol).


What Annam said


I have a BFA in Film and can definitely relate. I went through the same struggle of trying to figure out which path to take, and made the decision that I was willing to take the chance and go for my dream degree. I’m definitely happy I went for it! What I did and what my advice for you is to apply early. Colleges give away most if not all of their scholarship money earlier on, so if you apply early, you’re more likely to get a bigger scholarship. Apply early to both and see what they offer you!

P.S. Just curious, what is your dream college?


Eep, I can relate to this. While I might not have the best advice, I do wish the best for you. LET’s GO YOSHIDAS!!!


love ya bud!


Photography cannot be taught, so that BA would be a waste of time and money. The best way to learn photography is to discover it for yourself.

You can either spend thousands of dollars on a photography degree, or spend your time learning photography and maybe holding casual or part-time job as you do so. It’s basically a choice between paying someone to teach you something that you can (and should) learn on your own, and earning money while you learn that same craft.

Just about all the good photographers - in fact, most of the best ones - never studied it. They just did it. Finding work isn’t easy, as there are a lot of photographers (I know because I am one!). And there are lots of us because it’s not difficult to do, and so there are lots and lots of very good photographers who don’t get enough work.

So if you are thinking of photography as a profession, a degree will be pointless. If you don’t want to go professional, well, a degree would be even worse that pointless.

As for music, that would be a better degree to have (Edit: i.e. it’s a degree that is taken seriously). Having said that, and knowing how much tertiary education costs in America (where I assume you live), I would suggest that it’s better to not have a degree, or to study a field which can land you a job.

America needs certain types of professionals, some more than others. Perhaps it doesn’t need more lawyers, but at least lawyers who are diligent will earn a good living.

Americans who go to trade school have less student debt and pay it off quicker. Just some food for thought. Even if you don’t live in America, I’d still make the same arguements, more or less.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best!

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I’d say start at a community college and then transfer to a bigger school. At least that’s what I’m doing now and transferring next year.


You wanna get into photography as well? Awesome!! I’m not the best at giving advice, but all I can say is try to work as best as you can this year, and hope for the best! I believe in you!~


Thanks so much for all the support and advice! @JakeandSunshine and @jaydel my dream college is SAIC~ the School of the Art Institute of Chicago


np also


i live in chicago and i have two friend that attend SAIC (and my ex girlfriend lol)

i hope you get in :DD (if that’s what you choose)


OH my gosh that is totally amazing! If I do end up there we should totally go out for coffee and brainstorm ideas for videos!!!


Woah! Crossover!!! I seriously hope that this thing works out for you guys : ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


heck yeah! sounds like fun :DD

i’ve only ever met an internet friend irl once


thanks dude :PP

hella crossover. the simulation is breaking. (lmao im being too dramatic)


I’m working on building my portfolio now. here is just one picture from it that I love Cage


omg it’s so cool! i’m not sure what it is but i love the angles and the colours


Its the Inside of a birdfeeder haha!


i never would’ve guessed. it’s awesome!