I Challenge @Dom to a Duel

Dearest Mr. Hoffman, you’ve had it good for too long.
running as a tyrant above this app for many a millennia BUT NO LONGER

we shall settle this like men-- but also like lowest brow comedians we are–with a b̶o̶x̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ duel.

This Quarantine duel allows us to not book travel, but worry not, because you can taste defeat from the comfort of your couch mr Dom-athin.
The objective is to bite down on your own webcam as hard as humanly possible. Whoever utterly destroys their camera first wins.

The stakes you ask? Well.
If (and when) I win, I take whats rightfully mine, the platform where I establish a civil, byte sized society.
However you somehow summon the spirit of the gods to assist you; I have a clean $12.48CDN from my bank account that you can claim all for yourself.

If you thought my bark was bad, just wait til you (and my phones camera) bare witness to my bite.

Ball is in your court Dom.
You can run, but you cant hide.





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I knew this day would come :scream:


this thread is giga poggers


Its my specialty

it was only a matter of time

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alternative challenge is a neck beard competition


This made me laugh sm lolll

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you talking about yugioh duel bruh?

if you aint throwin down digimon, I’m throwin it in the trash.


alright so let the flame wars begin lol

ive put my metaphorical and literal cards on the table.
its all in @dom 's hands now my friend

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