I can't be the only one that's seeing this, right?

So I’ve noticed people on My Mix page talking about Part 2s (basically they post part 1 someone else and post part 2 on Byte). I did some more digging and they post part 1 on their TikTok and post Part 2 on their Byte. I’ve checked their comments and let me say, I haven’t seen a more toxic comment section in my life with Byte.

I’m honestly convinced they just post part 2 on Byte for more clout (followers, likes, etc… .). It sure is growing the Byte user count but most of the people are coming from TikTok and are toxic. I’m not too sure what will happen with the toxic people coming, but I’m just going to say that if they think Byte accepts toxic people that bully others, they have a big surprise coming for them.

They’ve also appeared more and more on My Mix page and they seem to be growing, so I can’t be the only one witnessing this right?

Ague (@ague) is a Team Managed account that is ran by Hyposent.

We have taken funny videos/clips to the next level. With over 450 followers, we provide them all with laughable/cute content basically hourly.


I barely use my mix, but I haven’t noticed anything like that

I’m confused. Are you saying they post part 1 on tiktok and part 2 of videos on byte and the audience they address on tiktok are just toxic? The explanation wasn’t too clear

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I think it’s people come from tiktok to watch pet two and are toxic on here

just treat those how you would like to be treated. everything else is out of your control.


yeah. this should sum up things:

basically, people post part 1 on their tiktok. they then tell their fans in order to see part 2, go to their byte. most the time, part 2 is 5 second clip and their “fans” are angry. i’ve also seen most them complain about how byte is “a tiktok wannabe” and other stuff.

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Honestly, that clickbait tactic is terrible and I’m surprised people would rather follow to byte and be angry instead ignoring or unfollowing that person.

It makes byte look terrible.