I can’t post anything

After posting a few bytes, when I tried to post the next byte, in a matter of seconds, the upload fails, I’ve tried again multiple times, I tried deleting and reuploading the byte multiple times, I’ve tried to film other bytes, I’ve tried uploading on my other device, I’ve waited 24 hours, my bytes are not uploading.

This is NOT because of my internet, it is WAY too fast for my ISP to be the case, again, the upload process comes and fails in in a matter of seconds.

This isn’t just because of my device either, because as I said, I tried on another device and got no luck, may as well not work on any device.

If someone can do something about this, that would be appreciated, thanks.

iPhone 11 Pro Max & iPad Pro 3 (12.9 inch)

iOS 13.3.1 on both devices

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I can’t post anything either, been this way since the new year. I’ve been having to upload old videos I have stores on my phone, they post no problem, but any time I try to post something new, it just gets stuck on “creating”


I’m having the same problems. Trying to load stuff via the plus or the gallery, and either I get a black screen, the upload fails, or it uploads, and takes me back to home and nothing shows.

If I strictly use the camera, it is ok, but is there a best practices or anything that shows the sure fire way or formats to upload stuff ■■■■ ? I love the app, but not being to upload is frustrating.

iOS latest, byte latest, iPhone 7+