I avg 25 views a video. Confused 😐

How does this even happen? @dom how does the app even work. Do I get shoved to the bottom if someone gets more views. Do I even have a Chance on this app? Or should new people not even try and go to another app?

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Awwww i felt this. Is Rushbite your Byte name?

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If you ask me, Views shouldn’t matter all that much. Just post whatever you like. Be yourself and enjoy.

But at the same time I do understand how you feel. Personally I get excited everytime I gain a notification, it makes me feel like whatever I post has some sort of purpose.

No one deserves to be sent to the bottom. It sucks. My advice to you is to keep on posting. The more you post, the more attention you might gather for yourself. Now I’m not saying start spamming post like showing your wall over and over again, post what you like and show some “pizzazz” to it. Most importantly don’t forget to enjoy yourself and don’t stress out too much about it


I gave you a little boost Papa. Don’t give up.


Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance at making it here, if you want more people to watch you, try to engage with other users then just maybe they’ll like and follow you back

That’s what I’ve done since the influx, since then I’ve gained 600+ followers and gotten 100+ likes on average

I don’t think I’ll ever understand the fuss about views

Why are views so important? I guess it depends on a person’s reasons for uploading videos in the first place


using relevant hashtags and channels can increase your chances of being seen. but ultimately the best way is to engage with other people that you genuinely enjoy!

btw I should clarify that when I say relevant, I don’t mean the popular/trending ones especially if your vid doesn’t really belong in a channel or a more niche hashtag. I mean relevant to the video you make:)


You can choose to view categories by new or popular. If you’ve posted it in a category, that can help. People do also go through the latest, but it’s sheer luck there as to whether or not it appeals to them.
You can also use and search hashtags, just like most other apps.
There’s a much higher chance of an “unknown” video getting a view here than say, youtube, or a lot of other video apps.

Genuinely engaging with other’s content also helps. I personally really love soothing, food, and cottagecore content, so I frequently go through the latest on those categories, like what I like, comment when I genuinely want to compliment past that, and rebyte if it really, really vibes with me.


I’ve been on the app for a while now and I’ve slowly SLOWLY built as time has gone on, but my first Bytes were around 20ish for a while. There’s several people that have jumped on recently and gotten thousands of followers in a matter of weeks, but that’s not the norm, but the exception for sure. Keep pushing!


yes yes, slowly building a lil family on your account is the gr8est way imo


Talk to people. Plain and simple. Engage with folks. Like and actually comment on other people’s videos. Not “Hey check out my stuff!” just be chill and friendly. Say you like their stuff and why. Make friends. When I first joined I was averaging 20-50 likes a video and that lasted for a couple months. I still think my first video only has 20 likes and I’m not sure how little views. Just keep at it, man. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


I feel this. My first video has 10 likes, 1 comment (somebody else’s self promo), and like 45 loops

Heck, looking a month after my first video (which appears to be how long Rushbite has been on the app, in terms of posting content), 21 likes, 2 comments, and 35 loops.


Thanks for the Advice all. I guess I should be more channel focused content and use hashtags more?

The content doesn’t have to be focused on a channel if you don’t want it to be, but if you think something fits, make sure you categorize it appropriately

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Yep I know how you feel :confused:

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