I attempted to make "Bytes" (short comedic videos)

I’ve been making videos this year in preparation for byte, here are some of my favorites, let me know if there’s anything better I could be doing! thanks.


feel free to share your videos as well!

EDIT: my channel has been terminated. Explanation here. https://youtu.be/W2tOXKGParc


Funny stuff bro. :+1:I’ve just been writing ideas down. I haven’t filmed anything yet. Glad I’m not the only creator preparing for byte. lol

My only suggestion would be to stay within the time frame. (6 seconds or 7 seconds we don’t know yet)
Otherwise good stuff. RIBBIT!:rofl:

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Thanks, I’ve been focusing more on the timing recently and I’m having tons of fun! Good luck to you!

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I believe the set time frame is 6.5 seconds :relaxed:

Happy BYTEing!

Oh, looks like you’ve been terminated.

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I’ve been preparing too! Always great to practice

Funny stuff! If been making music to prep too!