I am very excited for byte

I am new and I just came less than 4 days and I already love this community. You guys are so positive and chill. I can’t wait for Byte to come out and be huge as the original. Also, If you guys could tell me how to save my name that would be awesome. Thanks.

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Welcome! I can’t wait either, but if you are talking about saving your username from the forums to Byte, sadly you can’t do that. But I look forward to seeing you on the forums and on Byte! :wave:


Thank you very much! I am just hoping that someone doesn’t take my name when Byte comes out. Now I am just wondering if Byte be on android.


I believe so yes.

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It will but it most likely will be released after the ios launch. This isnt confirmed or anything but based on how most apps get developed this could be a possibility. There could be a website when it launches for you to create an account possibly to get your username but stay tuned for official updates!

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Putting this in the Hype category!

Who isn’t? :wink: