I am thankful to Byte tech development team

How often do you think the tech team of Byte gets thanked for building Byte? I am thankful for Byte for creating an Oasis for creativity that is allowing me to step out of the Political/religious debates of other social media places. I really honor the idea of “creativity first” and I think that is such a brilliant place to start. I am really thankful for all the tech work that went into building Byte. I know enough about tech to know that Byte was built on a low budget comparatively and done well considering the resources that were used. It was built to be very adaptable to change which was really smart. Thank you to the Tech team of Byte for the work that you put into building this. Thank you! What do you think?


Love this! Thank u byte team!


Thank You Friday :triumph::star2:


True, they have been getting alot of disappointment becuase it’s not rivaling the likes of tiktok, but people need to know that it’s like a unfinished product, they have great ideas that they haven’t done yet… In to which I say thank you byte tech team!


+1, Gotta send some love to the engineers :heart::revolving_hearts:.