I am getting a PIANO!

Im getting a piano for Christmas, and I wanted to ask you guys what tips and tricks you learned by playing the piano that I could implement in my learning. :slight_smile: I am a beginner by the way :wink:


I won’t give you any tips because I don’t have any, but have fun playing the piano!


Thanks! :blush:

Use both hands to play, press the white and black keys to make noise (idk how to play btw)


Be sure that when you’re playing, your bench and stand are in proper height and distance from the piano, and play with correct piano posture. This involves not stressing out the wrists, keeping elbow to wrist at about 180°. There’s some good resources on these fundamentals - you can find them online, and they’re important to learn so you don’t develop wrist or hand pain as you keep progressing and learning.

Be sure to have fun, most of all!


Take your time, make sure to put aside sometime to practice. Learn how to read the notes (you don’t have to be an expert in reading, but reading notes helps a lot), set a goal, make sure to learn how to properly use your finger and place your hands in the piano. I hope I was able to help :grin:

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piano- oOoO


I never did but learn the theory! It’s the boring bit but will make you a far better musician in the long run. Learn and try to appreciate different styles. Develop a consistent warm up routine, scales are a typical one and again seems boring but worth it in the long run.

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS!! It can feel very disencouraging early on because its sometimes hard to see your progress but if you did something like use a metronome and play scales or a piece of music to a tempo, noting the increments will give you something to look back at physically and keep you motivated. Setting goals goes hand in hand with this also.

Ultimately, enjoy it! I’m jealous, been wanting a piano forever now but I don’t have the space :pensive: