I am back!

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I stopped visiting after Dom announced that the project would be put on hold. I recently read a news story about Byte on Mashable and figured I’d get back on the forums!

Also, did you all know that the forum turned 1 year old 2 days ago?


Hi welcome back!!! :yellow_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Good to have you on the forums again, for the latest news you can also join the community sponsored discord!!

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Have a nice day/night :pancakes::yellow_heart:


Welcome back! You made it just in time for potential major news drops. I suggest that you join our discord as Dom will be on it answering questions tomorrow at 1:00pm est! Here is the link to join if you haven’t already:


Welcome back! Nice to meet you : )

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Nice to meet ya bud I don’t think I’ve seen u around
:raised_hands: I guess u were around when I went inactive


Welcome back and I hope you have a fun time back on the forums :smiley:

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Yaaaaayyy welcome back! So nice to have more and more people returning with the announcement of Byte :grin:


heey i never knew of you then (bc i was p inactive ) but nice to meet ya and welcome back! :laughing:

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I mostly did reading back then

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