I am a podcaster and audio engineer

Hey everyone I am one of the cohosts for the podcast zero supervision and I am also an audio engineer we are a comedy podcast that covers all the things you wouldn’t want something to find on your browsing history
you can follow the podcast on twitter at @ZeroSupervison

And listen to it here


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ooo where you guys based off?

we are based out of Ohio, and we are a comedy podcast a lot of our topics are based on things you wouldn’t want people to find on your browsing history. you can find our links above

What is the topics of the podcast??

we cover various topics on each episode ranging from 90s toys to objects found inside peoples rectums and then each episode I do a deep dive into a subject you wouldn’t want somebody to find on your browsing history for that i have done topics ranging everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dildos to the flat earth theory.


Interesting, I’ll check it out a little later :joy:

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Hiyooo. Billy here, if there is a topic you’d like us to take a wack at let us know. We can try to work it in :smile:

hahaaha sounds interesting. Where do i find your podcast tho? @zerosupervision

we are on


google play