Hype Challenge

Hype challenge.

Find ways to Hype Byte. Ask your mother-in-law to join, sign up your kids, ask your local medical proffessional. Motivate 1 person a day to try BYTE. Whatever it takes.

My mother-in-law signed up today, what have you done to HYPE BYTE today? Happy easteršŸ°bunnies


Happy Easter :hatching_chick:

Will došŸ˜‰


Message I left for @zachking : Happy Easter Zach would you be willing to make an Easter Byte video today?

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the KingšŸ¤Ŗgood work

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You do great work here.

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I just asked @timtebow to make a byte. Do you like him? He is not really as big time as @zachking 22 Million IG or @ye 28 Million IG but they all know each other offline pretty well. Do you have a people group target that you want to have here? Your stuff is really family friendly and funny. Your content is even Veggietales level friendly. I just look at your stuff and can tell you did not just slap it together.

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here in colorado tim tebow is pretty big, he was on the broncos. but kanye and zach are like in the same status here

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I asked Youtuberā€¦ Makers Muse (500k followers) to make Bytes using his 3D printing projects.

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